1.         Match arrangements will be instigated by the home team and results passed to Darryl Flannagan by text to 07899 915 937 or by email to


2.         Each team will consist of five or six male players.


In the Group Section three matches will be played at one club and three matches at the  other club, on the same day, ideally at the same time.


Subsequent knockout rounds will be played using the traditional 5 matches home & away basis.


3.         Eligibility


A player must have a minimum of 20 scores on their handicap record by 31 December in the previous year.


The player’s Handicap Index during the period 1 July to 31 December in the previous year will have been 5.5 or higher.


In addition, in the event of a player’s handicap having lapsed (i.e. not having a handicap in the previous year) then they may compete in the Holt Shield on their return to competitive golf, subject to meeting all other requirements and getting Holt Shield Committee approval,  as long as they were not a category one player when their handicap lapsed.  It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to get clearance for the player by providing proof to the Holt Shield Committee in advance of the player’s first match.


4.         Lower Limit


If a player is eligible to compete on 1 Jan in the current year, then he will remain eligible for the current year, regardless of subsequent handicap reduction ie there is no lower Handicap Index limit.


5.         Group Section matches will be in league format as set out in the draw.  Each match will be played level with no shots given.  Two points for a win one point for a half match.  In the event of a tie away points will count.  If still tied then the following succession of rules will apply until there is a winner:

       a.    Away Points

       b.    Head to head result

       c.    Away wins (no halves counting)


If tie still in place then remove the results against the fourth placed team in the group and repeat steps 1 & 3.

If tie still remains then the higher ranking team will be deemed to be the winner.


6.         All matches should be completed by the dates stated.  Extensions may be allowed during April and May.  All section matches must be completed by the specified date published on this website.  There will be no extensions given beyond this date.  The team with the highest number of points at the specified date published on this website will be judged winners of the section.


7.           In the event of unplayed matches the teams deemed responsible will forfeit all their results in that group. .No points shall be awarded to the remaining teams.  The result of the group shall be determined by the results between the remaining participants in the group.  In the event of any ties, the head to head result shall determine who proceeds.  If this result is tied then the team with the higher ranking at the beginning of the year will proceed.


8.         Clubs are expected to fulfil fixtures. By entering the competition teams undertake a moral obligation to fulfil all fixtures and at all times display respect towards the clubs in their section.


9.         If a club field an ineligible player in a match the 2 points will be awarded to the opposing team and a 2 point reduction imposed on the offending team.


10.       Extensions in the knockout rounds will only be granted by the Committee in exceptional circumstances.


11.       There will be sections of 4 teams if numbers allow, there could be sections of 3.


12.       There will be 16 teams in round two. They will be made up from section winners & runners-up.  The second round draw will be seeded 1 to 16 on the number of points scored.


1              v              16

8              v              9

4              v              13

5              v              12

2              v              15

7              v              10

3              v              14

6              v              11


Ties will be separated in a similar fashion to ties within groups. This being:

1.         Away points

2.         Away wins

3.         Away points without 4th place

4.         Away wins without 4th place

5.         Away points without 3rd & 4th place

6.         Away wins without 3rd & 4th place

7.         Higher rank from previous year


13.       In the knockout rounds if there is a tie the players in the last match on the Team Sheet will play tie holes.


14.       If, due to inclement weather, players are called off the course, the following procedures will apply.  The matches will be resumed from the position on the course where they had been called in, on a date and time agreed by the team captains.  Substitutes are allowed if players are not available.


15.       Home team captains should offer the away team captain two timely & legitimate dates on which the match can be played.  At least one weekend date must be offered.  No extensions shall be given to matches not played for this reason.


16.       The Holt Shield Committee will offer financial support towards the cost of the winning Club hosting the Presentation Dinner and the purchase of the Winners and Runner Up medals.


17.       All notices of motion should be in writing and submitted to the Secretary at least six weeks before an AGM.


18.       The competition will in future consist of the existing 32 clubs.  Any increase will have to be in groups of four.


19.       Advice offered by Team Captains.

A team Captain is permitted to give advice to his team during the course of play, with the exception of giving advice on the putting green, or pointing out a line for putting. A Team Captain playing in the competition may not give advice to a team-mate until after completion of his own match.

Penalty: Loss of hole at which the infringement occurs, to a maximum of two holes. Any further breach will lead to the disqualification of the player.


20.       Motorised Buggies.




Motorised buggies may be utilised only by the person named on the medical certificate of disability and may carry his equipment and caddie.  Where the disability prevents the player from driving the buggy, he may nominate a third party to drive the buggy for them who must be approved by the Committee.


Penalty: Disqualification of the offending player.




A person in the possession of a valid medical certificate of disability who intends to caddie for an able-bodied competitor may utilise a golf buggy.  The able-bodied competitor - in such circumstances - may not use the buggy.


Penalty: Disqualification of the offending player.


21.       Team Sheet.


The respective Team Captains of the two teams about to engage in a match shall exchange, simultaneously their team sheets complete with the required details. Matches will start in the order stated on the team sheets unless the two Team Captains agree that the order should be changed due to extenuating circumstances.

Penalty: None shall occur. In the spirit of the Holt Shield tradition Team Captains are expected to behave with integrity and honesty.


22.       Whilst the players on each team may be changed, no player shall play for more than one Club during the season.


Penalty: Disqualification of the offending player.




This competition is organised independently of Golf Ireland.  No approach should be made to Golf Ireland with regards to disputes etc.