The Holt Shield is a competition for 6+ handicappers, intended to give players roughly at Junior Cup standard more competitive golf than most would normally get, because either their Club didn’t get too far in the Junior Cup, or they don’t get to play for the more senior teams at their Club such as Senior Cup, Belfast & District or Barton Shield.


The Holt Shield is competitive but friendly.


Organised by volunteers on the Holt Shield Committee, the Holt Shield is not in any way affiliated to Golf Ireland.


The Holt Shield is run by the Clubs involved, for the benefit of the Clubs involved, and all of our Rules have evolved over the years and been agreed by Team Captains at AGMs.


Almost every possible format of competition and handicap qualification has been tried over the 50+ years of the Holt Shield.


Originally intended for Clubs from the Greater Belfast area, the Holt Shield has expanded over the years in an effort to increase the number of participants.


At present 32 Clubs compete and the annual Entry Fee is £90.


Participating Clubs are contacted by the Hon Treasurer early each year, seeking Entry Fee & details of the Team Captain, for publication on this website.